About us

We are a team of professional journalists, editors, illustrators, translators, communicators and designers. We collect, record and narrate people’s stories during the full-scale war which Russia has started against Ukraine.

We talk to people who have lived in shelters and basement rooms for weeks. People who have no water, food or electricity. People who try to leave the occupied and surrounded towns at a risk to their lives. People who have lost their loved ones during shelling and bombing by the Russian military in their cities. People who deliver babies in basements.

We record the daily life, thoughts and emotions of people who have already lost their homes, people who go to the frontline to fight, people who volunteer, who defend their own folk, who fear and fight.

We translate their stories into more than ten languages to show the human face of Russia’s war against Ukraine to the whole world.

We also urge foreigners in all countries to come out to protest, to demand that their governments provide Ukraine with aircraft and close the sky, to support Ukrainian refugees, to disseminate the information about war crimes, to boycott Russian commodities and cultural products, to support volunteers and to donate to organizations which support Ukraine during the war.

Share your stories with people abroad. Spread the truth about the situation in Ukraine. This war matters to everyone: this is a war for freedom and humanity.